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ZENON and Maytag Finalize Agreement for US Distribution

OAKVILLE, Ontario, June 23, 2004 - An agreement has been finalized between ZENON Environmental Inc. and Maytag Corporation for the distribution and sale of the Maytag Central Water Filtration System to the consumer residential market in the United States.

ZENON's central home water filtration system is currently being sold in select stores throughout Canada under the Maytag brand name.  A similar distribution system will be established in the United States, initially with the sale of the product through select Maytag Stores and Maytag Home Appliance Centers, followed by other standard Maytag distribution channels.  Maytag will also provide installation and maintenance of the units through its highly reputable service and support organization.

The NSF certified Maytag Central Water Filtration System, which is installed where the water enters the house, delivers safer, pure tasting water to every faucet in the home by using the home's existing water line pressure.

At the heart of the system are ZENON's ultrafiltration membranes that effectively block out particulates and pathogens such as bacteria, parasites and viruses, while allowing essential minerals to pass through.  The integral carbon filter further enhances the taste and smell of the water.  The process is entirely natural as it requires no chemical additives.